17 Interns, 17 Stories | An Introduction to Our Interns 2020 Series

At The @ Company we’re super optimistic about the future, especially after wrapping up our internship program this past summer.

We’ve learned so much from these seventeen bright young people, and their energy and fresh perspectives will be greatly missed. To our delight, some decided to stay with us (some full-time, others part-time). But though some of our interns may not be on our official roster anymore, they’ll always be part of The @ Family.

That’s why over the next few months, we’ll be releasing a special series of posts featuring our interns. These narrative-style snippets, written by our wonderful interns Esther Kao and Samantha Latimer, will address topics such as the dreaded internship search, the surprising power of the developer community, and more. (It’s exciting stuff, we promise.)

Our hope is that by sharing our interns’ stories, you’ll get to know the people behind The @ Company a bit better. We’re not here to be a nameless, faceless corporation — we’re people, just like you.

We’re kicking off the series with one of our developer interns, Tyler Trott. If you’re curious about the Bermudian perspective on careers in tech, be sure to check it out!

About The @ Company — Founded in June 2019 by Barbara Tallent, Colin Constable, and Kevin Nickels, The @ Company has developed an open protocol with the potential to fundamentally alter how personal information is stored. By adopting unique identifiers we’ve titled @signs, people will have the freedom to share, withhold, or retract their information at will.

With the @ protocol, we can give control back to the people and build a permissions-based Internet. You can learn more about our mission here.

For more information, contact:
Barbara Tallent, CEO: barbara@atsign.com

Now for some Internet Optimism

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