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At The @ Company, we are building a flat organization, where decisions that impact the success of the company will be made at every level. As a group we put together a list of core company values for everyone to keep in mind when they are making decisions. …

Frequently Asked Questions about our private, open source protocol

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The @platform is a clever abstraction machine. Perhaps the most abstracted component in the entirety of the @platform is its backend service. Very often, we like to say that the @platform is an “automatic backend service” with no more “database management”…

Frequently Asked Questions about our private, open source protocol

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When it comes to understanding the @platform and the @sign, our developers are very good at raising questions for parts of our technology that are not so obvious. Although we intended to abstract most of the @platform away for the developers…

A post-cookie-era CRM strategy and marketing mantra

Man falls downwards, arms thrust out behind him

While watching a show on Animal Planet with my kids, I experienced something I haven’t in years of owning a DVR: commercials. We couldn’t fast-forward past them. My kids seemed confused; my husband was outraged. …

Frequently Asked Questions about our private, open source protocol

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Part of the great thing about working at The @ Company is that we get to chat with the developers trying out the @platform. So naturally, when user “paulvipond” sent a message in our Discord channel about The @ Company, our…

By Chris Swan, engineer at The @ Company

Last week I wrote about easier automation using GitHub Actions to build multi-architecture Docker images. That led me to another question — how to create the binaries to go into those builds? …

9 teams win The @ Company’s second @appathon

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Phase 2 of our @appathon II came to a close earlier this April. Seventeen participating teams each developed a pitch and app demo, and our judges selected nine deserving winners.

Track 1 of our @appathon was designated for students and alumni from…

Colorful group of people stand together

Written by Barbara Tallent, CEO of The @ Company

“You can’t create a company culture when everyone is virtual.” Really?

I’m paraphrasing but this is from a book I recently read by Martin Lindstrom titled “The Ministry of Common Sense”. I quite enjoyed the book, but he said something like…

Privacy in and of itself is not “fun.” It’s like a bran muffin: good for you, but not particularly exciting.

Crypto cupcakes sold for $4 each

I once had a friendly debate with a colleague of mine at AWS about what mattered to customers. I headed up marketing for the Startups group and saw, for early-stage…

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter capitalize on our desire to be seen.

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On my 15th birthday, my friends decided enough was enough and made me a Facebook account.

Unlike the rest of my high school peers, I was several years late to the social media game. My father had…

The @ Company

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