Ask the Founders: Breaking Down the @platform

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P: If you become the Google of identity, every hacker and his dog is going to want to crack you. How do you plan to prevent this and are your systems 3rd party audited?

P: What happens when I have shared data and my friend is offline but e.g. needs my contact details?

P: How do you manage the user life cycle? E.g. losing devices, logging on across devices.

P: What’s to prevent a malicious app from screwing with the data produced through my app? E.g. an admin user has access to sensitive information from a company @name, but then installs a malicious app.

P: What happens if I don’t renew my @sign? Does my data disappear from view across all apps?

Now for some Internet Optimism

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The @ Company

The @ Company

Now for some Internet Optimism

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