Ask the Founders: Storage & Memory & Servers, Oh My!

Red floppy disk with 12/11/03 written on it
Photo by Fredy Jacob on Unsplash

P: I remember hearing that currently, servers tied to atSigns are 4 MB, and I was wondering what the plan for expansion is in the future? I could think of a couple, like just expanding storage as demand grows, having different yearly subscription price tiers for different storage levels, or even selling your own standalone servers that people could have next to their routers or something, but I just wanted to check what your guys’ plan is so we can plan our growth with it too!

K & C: First, as to the storage question:

  • Individuals that want to directly monitor and control their Secondary Server (note: this requires either a static IP address or dynamic DNS service to be configured to work either at home or in the cloud).
  • Infrastructure providers that may want to provide value added services (such as more memory, storage, etc.) on their infrastructure and charge for those services. We do not make any money from this, but it would be a useful thing and we are all for it.
  • Applications (likely yours is one of those) that offer shared services for a large number of others and need more scalability for those services.
  • Attestation providers that provide “bridges” to other data which can validate the truth of some information without having to expose the underlying personal identifiers and can even be done anonymously.



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