Ask the Founders: What is the atPlatform?

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P: Why should I trust you and your systems?

P: What is to prevent app developers storing the information they retrieve, or is this accepted practice?

P: What about data verification — e.g. telephone number and email addresses? This would be a great feature to remove the burden from applications.

An flow chart showing what attestation will look like with The @ Company. 1. @alice shares her driver’s license number with a trusted attestor. 2. The attestor checks @alice’s driver license and verifies @alice if it is valid. 3. @alice’s @sign is now verified. She no longer has to share her personal information to prove that she has a valid driver’s license.
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P: Who would you regard as your main competitors and how are you different to them?

P: What’s your revenue model and how do you plan for it to be sustainable?




Now for some Internet Optimism

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Now for some Internet Optimism

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