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  • Anthony Prakash

    Anthony Prakash

    I work on Developer Relations, Communities, Partnerships and anything challenging and fun.

  • Cynthia Peter

    Cynthia Peter

    A mind learning to live one moment at a time. I am finding my path as a developer💙 and Writer. I write about my journey, musings, lessons, and then growth.🚀

  • Simon Pitt

    Simon Pitt

    Media techie, developer, product manager, software person and web-stuff doer. Head of Corporate Digital at BBC, but views my own. More at

  • Pen Magnet

    Pen Magnet

    Author of Comprehensive Approach to Senior Developer Interview), Startup writer, Programmer, Tech Career Blogger, Education Engagement Enthusiast

  • Jeni Miles

    Jeni Miles

    Apps Growth Consultant @googleplay • Behavioural scientist • Interested in the intersection of tech, wellbeing and sustainability

  • Felicia C. Sullivan

    Felicia C. Sullivan

    Marketing Exec/Author. I build brands & tell stories. Work in Human Parts, OneZero, Forge, Index & Marker. Hire me: Brand & Content eBooks:

  • Nir Eyal

    Nir Eyal

    Posts may contain affiliate links to my two books, “Hooked” and “Indistractable.” Get my free 80-page guide to being Indistractable at:

  • tomerpacific


  • Nick DiLallo

    Nick DiLallo

  • Mika Yeap

    Mika Yeap

    Businessman (, MMA fighter, poetry fan.<>

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