Tech for ‘Normals’​

Crypto cupcakes sold for $4 each
Ferris wheel and other city buildings lit up at night

And so how, then, do we make disruptive tech more like a frosted cupcake? One that’s irresistible to try, and once tasted, is worth licking the plate clean?

Man runs through cheering audience to front seats and jumps excitedly
Woman falls backwards, falls through the arms of the two men waiting to catch her

“I think it took Dapper Labs’ relentless focus on making the experience painfully easy for the normals and taking all the ‘crypto’ out of it.”

Things that make me think, maybe it’s not too late to disrupt Big Tech:

“Starting a business on YouTube is like opening a brand new store in a shopping centre, except you might come in to open your shop one day, and the shopping centre has just moved you to the other end where there are no customers, there’s no foot traffic. And you’ll never know why.”

“You know, Thoreau, his big thing wasn’t about being alone. His big thing was: I want to live deliberately. I think we have an opportunity with technology to live deliberately.”

Roblox characters standing together on a grassy field



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