The hidden beauty of @protocol namespaces

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Tyler M: Let’s start from a big-picture perspective. What was your vision for apps that are developed on the @protocol?

Tyler M: So, what exactly is a namespace, and how is it used in software development?

Tyler M: How exactly do namespaces work with @protocol applications?

A complete example of an @protocol namespace
Caption: A complete example of an @protocol namespace. The key length can be up to 255 characters, leaving 31 spare characters based on its current composition. If you’ve seen any of our demo apps, the “namespace” variable you may find in our configuration file is actually the “App NameSpace.” This string combined with the “Key” string has a 110 UTF-7 character limit, while the “Shared With” @sign and “Data Owner” @sign both have a 55 UTF-7 character limit. Reading this namespace into English — “@alice is using the Buzz app, and she’s shared her profile picture with @bob.”

Tyler M: That brings me to my final question concerning the security of @protocol namespaces. What precautions and safety features were considered in its design?

Now for some Internet Optimism

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The @ Company

The @ Company

Now for some Internet Optimism

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